A Step in The Right Direction

Work With WellPlanet

WellPlanet is a direct air capture and sequestration company that’s set to change the way we remove carbon dioxide from the world around us forever. Our company is partnering with organizations, companies, investors, and everyday people to change the world – and you can help.


Our Goal is to be the #1 Direct Air CO2 Capture & Sequestration Company!

The increased amount of fossil fuels being burned each year is straining our finite resources and our environment. Where our ecosystem used to be able to manage our carbon dioxide production, it simply can’t keep up anymore – and CO2 levels keep rising.

Rising CO2 levels are making our planet retain heat, affecting our climate, and causing our oceans and lakes to become more acidic. Coral Reefs and shellfish are disappearing at an alarming rate, which impacts countless water and land species either directly or indirectly. Most importantly, serious damage is being done. We’re here to change that. Our direct air CO2 capture & sequestration company will:


Remove 10 Million Tons Yearly = 400 Million Trees


Use Only Renewable Solar and Geothermal Energy


Driven by Constant & Never Ending Improvement

Trillion Trees

Would solve the world’s CO2 problem.

Million Trees

Is the first step toward a solution.

How To Fight Climate Change

One Breath at a Time

Our company can’t solve the world’s CO2 problem ourselves, but we can certainly help and help other companies like ours to do the same. With each small step in the right direction, together we can help the world – and the creatures, plants and people that call it home – thrive. Here’s what you can do to help.

We’re helping everyday people fight climate change: contests, competitions, prizes, and BIG Giveaways. Find out how you can do your part. Together we can make big changes to the world around us.

Partnerships that create synergistic value are the key to success. We are actively seeking strategic partners with like-minded businesses. We look forward to being your most valued business partner and leveraging our synergy to help change the world.

We can help tax equity investors benefit from the 45Q tax credit. Let us send you a prospectus detailing how the investment works. Investing in WellPlanet will reduce your tax bill while helping to save the planet. Remember we are all in this together.

Here’s How We Do Things

One of the most important parts of saving the planet is educating those who call it home. We’re on a mission to clearly illustrate exactly how CO2 is harming our environment, present a viable solution, and put that solution into action as sustainably and as effectively as possible.

Remove Carbon Dioxide

By relying on groundbreaking technology in direct air capture and sequestration, our facility will remove up to 10 megatonnes of CO2 every single year. Our efforts will take the strain off of our struggling ecosystem that is currently trying – but failing – to convert all of our CO2 emissions into O2.

Store It Underground

Our primary focus isn’t to turn a quick profit by capturing and reselling CO2 for enhanced oil extraction or to carbonate beverages. To us, this is simply another way that CO2 ends up back in our environment. Instead, we’re using a solar and geothermal-powered facility to capture as much CO2 as possible and permanently remove it from our ecosystem using deep underground geologic storage.


Repeat and Grow

Our facility will remove the same amount of carbon dioxide as 400 million mature trees, which is amazing but we know that is not enough. That’s why we will continually reinvest the support and funding from our partners, investors, and community to continuously grow our current facility and to develop new ones each and every year.